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Social Media Mistakes You’re STILL Making

  You probably know by now that utilizing social media for your brand is important. After all, nearly 80% of the U.S. population uses at least one social media platform. But, even with statistics such as these, many brands still fail to tap into its true potential, and, even worse, many are making costly mistakes. Don’t let that be your brand! See below for seven mistakes your brand might still be making on social media and how to avoid them at all costs! Typos No social media platform is immune to an occasional typo, but there is no excuse for glaringly obvious ones in post after post. Brands that neglect to proofread their content before posting look careless and lazy. Nobody wants to buy into a brand like that! Before posting anything, run it through a free grammar checker (we like to use Grammarly) and, better yet, have a coworker read through it too! Treating all Platforms the Same While all social media platforms have some similarities, none of them are exactly the same and should not be treated as such. Just because a post does well on Facebook does not mean it is a good post for Instagram. Customize your content for each channel, keeping in mind their requirements (such as no links on Instagram and the character count for Twitter) and their strengths. Your posting times, hashtags, images, and sometimes even tone should vary from channel to channel. Otherwise, you risk all your platforms turning stale! Out of Place Content Sometimes you may be stumped about what to post and be tempted to share a funny meme or link you find interesting. However, unless this content is somehow relevant to your brand or persona…do not post it! Posting content for the sake of content is never a good idea. Even though that kitten video you just watched is adorable, unless you are a brand related to pets, don’t post it! All of the content across your social media platforms should be useful to your audience, relevant to your brand, and serve a purpose. As with all marketing, your social media posts should be thoughtful and strategic. Ignoring Feedback Social media is a popular place for customers to write reviews and provide feedback. Consequently, there’s nothing that looks worse than a brand ignoring feedback, especially when it is negative! Your social media channels should be a welcoming place for your customers to connect with you and provide you with insight into how they feel about your brand. Sometimes negative feedback is harsh, or maybe even unfair, but ignoring it won’t make it better, it will only make your brand look worse! Always thank your customers for sharing their experiences with you and don’t be afraid to invite them to connect with you through a direct message to get their issue resolved. When the feedback is positive, be sure to respond and maybe even utilize it in a future post! Not Engaging with Your Audience Similar to the previous mistake, many brands make the mistake of not engaging with their audience at all. The only action they take is to post occasionally, they never answer (or even open) any direct messages, they don’t respond to comments, and they don’t like or share any of their audience’s posts. Brands that are all take and no give will quickly die out on social media. If you want customers to engage with you, then you should be engaging with them too! Be quick to respond to messages, take the time to like comments and respond to them thoughtfully, comment on others’ posts and engage with them on their profiles. While these gestures may be small, they can go a long way in building a loyal audience. Not Posting Regularly We all know the struggle of maintaining an active social page, but it is absolutely necessary to do so. Not posting regularly makes it look like you don’t care about your business. Too many businesses get excited about their social media for a month or two and then quit posting altogether. Don’t let this be you! You do not want a potential customer to land on your social page only to see that it hasn’t been updated in 6 months. Many brands fall into the trap of not posting content consistently. To avoid this, plan your content in advance and schedule it to automatically post. Then, supplement these evergreen posts with relevant ones as needed. If you are running any social ads, this is crucial to your success. Don’t pay for ads only to have customers click through to a page filled with outdated content! Not Utilizing Various Forms of Media and Posts Nobody likes to read the same things over and over again, especially on social media! Be sure to utilize various forms of media and posting styles to break up your content and keep your audience engaged. Every brand should be utilizing video (extra points if you use Facebook or Instagram live!) and photo carousels. In addition to these, have fun exploring other options such as Facebook polls, Instagram stories, slideshows, giveaways, and third-party shares. Don’t commit to only one or two types of content. Branch out and try new things. Your audience will thank you! By utilizing various forms of content, you will begin to build a more diverse and engaged audience.   Written by Kateri Bean.
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