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Spammy Tweets: What You Need To Know.

twitter birdIn a genius move by Twitter made in early March, many new Twitter accounts are now required to be linked to a cell phone number. The hope is that this new practice will help to weed out many fake accounts by not allowing the same phone number to be linked to multiple accounts. Until the time comes that all accounts require a phone number to validate them, we have some tips for you to help avoid spammy tweets and users. The larger your following, the more opportunity you have to receive spam messages on Twitter. At wedü we manage multiple Twitter presences for ourselves and our clients, so we tend to get at least a few of these messages every day. It is very easy to remove the tweet and block the follower and I’ll provide directions for that, but the most important thing to remember about spam messages in the form of @ mentions is that other people can see them and that means it is extremely important to remove them as quickly as possible since many include links to malicious programs. The best advice we can give is to use Hootsuite or another similar service and receive notifications on your phone or tablet when an @ mention comes in so you can go in and remove it right away. How to report a profile for spamming: 1. Visit the spam account’s profile. 2. Click or tap the gear icon. 3. Select Block or Report. 4. If you do not wish to block this account, uncheck the Block option. 5. Select this as a spam account. You can find out more about the block feature on our Blocking users on Twitter help page. This page also shows you how to unblock an account if you’ve changed your mind. How to report a Tweet for spamming: 1. Navigate to the Tweet you’d like to report. 2. Click or tap the more icon. 3. Select Block or Report. 4. If you do not wish to block this account, uncheck the Block option. 5. To file the report, select This Tweet is spam and then Report or Submit.   While Twitter is a great platform for receiving information that could be relevant to you, there are still many real and bot users that try to send you to illicit sites. If the content sent to you from an unknown user seems relevant but has a shortened link, take the extra step by using a service that will show you the complete link before you click it, just to be on the safe side. is a great free resource!
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