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Start with the end goals in marketing campaigns

Starting line

Number 2 of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is “Begin with the end in mind.” What Covey had in mind was something a bit more “big picture” than ad agency projects – after all, he’s talking about your life goals, which is serious stuff – but it does apply to anything we handle internally, too. No successful project kicks off without a defined goal. So what do we need to consider when we’re thinking about a campaign’s end goals? It’s not just a sales goal for a client or a specific response rate for a marketing campaign; though those items are the big ones that are ultimately going to define success. The following is a list (albeit not all-inclusive – that would be impossible) of key items to define before any campaign: Time. Knowing a project’s due date, and why it’s due, is a huge help. Is there a trade show we’re Meeting deadlinesprepping for? A print deadline? Regardless of the specific deliverable, being well informed of the deadlines in advance makes a huge difference. Budget. If I walk into the bar with six bucks, I better not order a fine Scotch on the rocks (unless someone else is buying). I might be able to get a couple of beers, particularly if it’s happy hour… but that’s a different story. If I’m up-front with the bartender and tell him what I’ve got to spend, he’ll give me the right thing. Same goes with clients and agencies. If we are able to have an open, honest discussion with our clients about a project’s budget, we can determine the specific components of a campaign. What we’re measuring. To use the same example as immediately above – if my goal was to have two beers and my budget was six dollars, that’s a successful campaign! Collectively, we’ll discuss what we’re measuring and determine what’s reasonable. Sales? Building an email list? Audience engagement? Lead generation? All of the above are reasonable categories for us to measure. The client’s goals. This can mean any number of things, but we must collaborate on our goals. Our clients are the ones who intimately know their business, so it’s not just up to us to define a campaign’s goals. For a B2B client, we’re usually talking about the number of leads and a conversion rate. For a retail client, we’re interested in store traffic, a conversion rate and, ultimately, sales driven by the campaign. The agency’s goals. What are the goals of your team at wedü? It depends to whom you speak. As you Set goalsmight expect, our strategists tend to place emphasis on the results and measurement while our production teams focus on creating an awesome product – going where no man has ever gone before. Neither team focuses exclusively on one or the other; it’s basically the yin and yang of project management. At the end of the campaign, all of our teammates will agree that we’re trying to create awesome work and make our clients happy (which usually means more opportunities from those clients). Things that might be goals for either of us. There’s a strong chance both the client and the agency are focused on a few of the same things, too. Making sure your brand receives exposure is one. Showing expertise, be it yours or ours, is another. Taking care of the ego (not yours, your boss’s) may be another goal – we want you to be proud of the work we do, and we want to be proud of it, too. That’s not a long list of items, but it takes time and thought to develop your own. As always, we’re here to help you with that, too – just drop us a line.  
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