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Targeting the Right Audience, One Facebook Post at a Time

New and improved social media capabilities that allow marketers the opportunity to connect with their brand loyalists in the digital space are popping up almost daily.  Facebook recently rolled out a capability for administrators that allows you to target individual Facebook messages to an audience based on country, city/state, and language. If you’re an administrator to a page, targeting brand posts is easy. All you have to do is type the message as you normally would, including any links, photos, or video. Before sharing the post with your fans, click the drop down menu to the left. The drop down menu will display two options: everyone and customize. Click customize. Facebook will then prompt you to designate a country, city/state, and language. Once you’ve done that, you can share the post! The post you’ve just shared will be visible on your wall, but targeted to reach a specific demographic based on location and language so only those in the location and language you’ve selected will see the post in their newsfeed. With this capability, you can be as targeted as you want or as broad as you want. Keep in mind, though, individuals will have had to share their location and language information with Facebook in order for this targeting to work. So, if you have elected to only share messaging with individuals in California who speak Spanish, only those who have designated their location as California and their language as Spanish on Facebook will see the messaging. For digital marketers, this feature has great value. For one, it allows you to test messaging on a certain demographic of individuals. It also allows you to keep your messaging consistent across different audiences. Especially for brands with both international and US presences, this feature helps to cater messaging to both audiences without frustrating one audience or the other with messaging, promotions, or sweepstakes that don’t apply. Now, we’re wondering how far this micro targeting of audiences will go? Could it get to a point where you are able to target individuals down to age, sex, or even interest? We’ll see!    
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