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The Importance of First Impressions

first impressionI’m sure we’ve all had an experience (or two) with calling a business to pay a bill or to resolve a problem or simply to ask a question only to hear those infamous “greetings”: Thank you for calling; your call is very important to us, or Listen closely to our list of options, as our menu has changed. And I can’t think of anything more frustrating than wanting a quick answer to a question and being required to push six buttons to get through a menu and still not reaching a live person! I get a kick out of the credit card commercial that shows a man making a phone call and when an actual person answers, he is startled and replies, “Oh! I didn’t think I’d hear a live voice?!” Have we become so accustomed to this type of impersonal service that it’s shocking to us when a person answers the phone rather than a machine? Here at wedu, we are all about digital, but when you dial our number (during regular business hours) rest assured an actual human being will answer your call. No need to press a button or talk to an automaton. What a difference it makes to actually hear a person answer the phone! Good ole’ customer service is not what it used to be! I’m old school and I believe it’s still important to make a good first impression, personally and professionally. The first impression can make or break a client’s opinion of your business. I’ve walked into banks where the customer service representative will smile and acknowledge me, while in others, they will happily carry on a conversation amongst themselves, barely aware that I am even standing there! When doing business with someone on a regular basis, doesn’t it make sense to “personalize” your professional relationship? As a “Director of First Impressions,” I feel it is important to remember names and faces when someone walks through our door. Most people like to be greeted by name; it shows them you value them as a client and as a person. Validating a client who visits your office can help start things off in a positive manner. In this impersonal world of ours, making a good first impression is not just answering the phone in person or greeting someone with a smile. That positive impression should carry through all aspects of the job, and from all members of your team. This will create a positive experience and leave a lasting impression for every one of your clients. Image Credit: comedy_nose
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