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The Last #üOughtaKnow of 2015: Through The Grape(Vine), Google Photos and Streams, and Up Periscope

#üOughtaKnow is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. This week in #üOughtaKnow will share some new stories as well as updates on old favorites from 2015 while still providing a delightful craving of classic Alanis Morissette. Here’s what you #üOughtaKnow this last week of 2015: Through The Grape(Vine) Vine announced they will be curating content they think you will like in a new channel. “For You” will be a new feed filled with posts from across the platform that are deemed must-see. This feed will work similarly to the new Twitter Moments tab, and is built algorithmically based on user interests. What it means for your marketing: If Vine is in your marketing mix then your Vine content may now have a better chance of being discovered organically. Make sure you are posting a good mix of prepared videos and more “on the fly” ones, and be sure to continue cross-promoting to attract engagement from other channels to bolster your Vine success. Google Photos + Google Streams After months of speculation Google announced that they would be dismantling Google+ and turning it into two services, Google Photos and Google Streams. The new services have officially launched to very, very little fanfare.Google hasn’t yet announced plans to kill Streams, the social segment of Google+’s unified intent to bridge all Google products. Google’s VP of products notes that there are a passionate group of users in the platform. Given that, it wouldn’t be unlike them to let a not-so-broadly used project live on as they have with FeedBurner, or squash it like our long lost RSS love, Reader. What it means for your marketing: If you’ve built a community on what is now Streams, it’s worth continuing to moderate while you invite members to also join you in platforms with more secure futures. If you haven’t started using Google+, you aren’t alone –and that’s OK. Up Periscope The App Store recently named Periscope its App of the Year. Periscope, in turn, announced record downloads and plans to continue expanding its reach with creative broadcasts, whether they’re filmed on smartphones, drones or other devices. What it means for your marketing: This is a low cost experiment for your brand at a time when many new users are experimenting with the platform. Have you tried Periscope yet? Here’s a tip, use Periscope to answer some of the questions you would answer in a webinar and if there is enough interest you can always circle back to turn it into a longer discussion. Be sure to cross-promote Periscope from your other channels so that your existing fans know to look for you during your live broadcast. You might also want to consider using this as a way of letting your fans in behind the scenes. Whether you’re sharing interesting close-ups on factory machinery or the sprawling vistas of a ski destination, trying out small screen live broadcasting is just a matter of your old smartphone from the junk drawer, some creative camera framing, a bit of duct tape and the farthest reaches of Wi-Fi. Happy New Year from everyone at wedü! Basic RGB    


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