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The New Silver Screen: YouTube Advertising

Author: Kateri Bean, Content Creator If you can’t afford to purchase a Super Bowl ad this year (last year an ad spot of 30 seconds cost advertisers a whopping $5.5 million dollars) or ad time before the next big blockbuster hits the theaters, you aren’t alone! But fear not, your video advertising dreams don’t have to end there; introducing the new and (affordable) silver screen…YouTube! Skeptical? Don’t be. Although YouTube will not be broadcasting the Super Bowl live this year, there are endless amounts of programming for viewers to enjoy, and in turn your advertising as well! In fact, according to YouTube, people aged 18 and older spend more time watching YouTube than they do any television network and here at wedü we understand why. Cable is clunky, expensive, and not nearly as versatile. With YouTube’s easy accessibility and ever growing fresh and free content, it is a no brainer that viewership is at an all-time high. Streaming online content has become the new normal way of consuming video, so it only makes sense that you would explore advertising through YouTube to grow your consumer base. So, what about the ads? With 1.9 billion monthly active users and over a billion hours of videos watched daily, the potential for success is evident. It’s clear that the people are there and are ready to watch whatever is put in front of them, but how can you create content which will lead to conversions? When navigating the wild world of YouTube, there are a few best practices and details that you should remain aware of, ones that we here at wedü utilize to assist clients in making the most of their YouTube advertisements. Six Seconds: The six second bumper ad is something we’ve all seen. How often do you arrive to YouTube in search of that latest viral video or your favorite song, only to have to sit through an ad for six seconds? Chances are, you encounter this a few times a week, if not a few times a day, and what do you do with it? Most of us watch it because six seconds isn’t enough time to walk away or find a new distraction, but it is enough time for a marketer to convey their message and create a compelling story. These ads have increased in use by 70% since 2017 meaning it’s a tool you should take advantage of. Google Capabilities: Video ads on YouTube are run through Google Ads meaning that you get to utilize all of your typical Google Ad benefits, such as their targeting methods, which will allow you to control precisely who sees your ad. Just as you would with your Google Ads, you can target people based on their interests, demographics, and placements. Don’t let your ads run to whoever and wherever, set up some structured targeting and then sit back and enjoy the results. Movie Time: If silly cat videos won’t cut it for you, how about blockbuster movies? YouTube recently started airing movies supported by ads for people to watch for free. Their list of movies (which includes Rocky and Legally Blonde) is only growing and with it, the ads supporting them. YouTube plans to further expand their movie selection in hopes of cutting down on piracy and providing more opportunity (and audience) for ads on their platform. You will be able to choose which movies your ads will run in, giving you, even more, targeting options. If you feel your business is destined for the silver screen, we recommend you explore your options with YouTube, because they might just be your big (affordable) break!
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