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The Power of a Rolodex

Media buyers hear certain phrases over and over. “I know this would be a perfect fit for your client.” “We’re just checking up on the status of that invoice again.” And I get a lot of “Thanks so much for calling me back, I can’t tell you how many people don’t do that”. rolodex My media mentor taught me “A buyer is as powerful as their Rolodex” and hers was indeed a mighty monolith that spilled over into a shoebox annex. She could also program the fax machine to deliver twenty insertion orders within one Virginia Slims Menthol 100. It was a different time. With her Rolodex as her instrument she was an improviser worthy of the jazz greats. “I know a guy for that.” Account Executive promised a twenty-minute infomercial? The client wants to be on the rotating barrel of a cement truck? “We can do that. I was just talking to the guy last week. We’ll get you a quote.” Cost-per-point and reach-and-frequency are crucial metrics but nothing impresses a client like a masterful Rolodex solo. My phone rings all day and the emails never stop. This radio rep can get you on their digital network of ten thousand websites, that guy is projecting billboards using drones. I’m a busy guy but the phone rings and I pick it up and I listen to the pitch (short version). If you leave a voicemail I’m going to call you back and ask you to email me some details so I have your full contact info. The surprised reps tell me how buyers who return calls are an endangered species. I respond that there’s no room on this credit union media buy for Quilt Enthusiast Magazine, but those New England Stitchposium photos I saw in your media kit, are you doing that again next year? I’ve got a client who loves crafty events…
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