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Which Social Mediums Are Right For Your Business?

With so many social media offerings, brands can be conflicted over which ones to choose. We all assume that in 2015 social media has been around long enough for everyone to understand the difference between each channel, but we thought a light refresher would be a great way to start the year. The big question that brands seem to still struggle with is, “is it better to sign up for each new social medium or is it more beneficial to tread carefully and only commit to a handful?” Social Table Social media is at the core of any good content marketing effort and it is essential that you are posting relevant content where it will yield you the most benefits. No one knows your target audience better than you and that is where you need to start when determining a social media strategy. Pew has a guide with information about the people using different social media channels that is updated regularly and can be very helpful when deciding on your initial strategy. After you’ve considered your audience and the channels they already use, it’s important to look at each channel and decide if their uses align with your goals. Here is a little cheat sheet that will help you. Facebook is right for your business if… your goal is to form a tight-knit community around your business or product. Many sources argue that Facebook is a better place for B2C companies, but if you are sharing great content, B2B companies can benefit as well. With an audience of over 1 billion users, there’s no doubt it can’t be ignored. According to the Pew study, more than 70% of adults using the Internet are actively engaged on Facebook. Instagram is right for your business if… your content often has images to go along with it. Every blog post can be shared on Instagram by showing the main image with a link in the caption. Even if you end up sharing mostly candid shots from around your office, it gives customers a chance to get to know your brand. Instagram tends to be exceptionally popular amongst crafty markets and in urban areas. LinkedIn is right for your business if… you are a B2B company or have thoughtful, informative works to share. LinkedIn pages are also great places to showcase your internal culture which will help you to find future employees and spark the interest of industry thought leaders. When using LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy, it is important to get your team on board. If every employee shares your latest content, chances increase that your content will be featured. The right person, with the right connections and history could get your content picked up as an influential piece in your industrys’ news section of LinkedIn. Pinterest is right for your business if… your business is highly visual.  However, it can work well in other areas as well. Think about your target audience; can you imagine them curating images? If the answer is yes and your brand is something they could be pinning, Pinterest is the right place for you. It’s worth mentioning that nearly 80% of Pinterest users are women, so event (weddings, parties, and vacations to name a few) and crafty (sewing, decorating, baking)  brands tend to do exceptionally well here. Many brands see success with creating a pin board that they may only have one image for and leaving it as an open board. This builds community and drives recognition for your brand as the curator. Twitter is right for your business if… you have a lot of information to share. Even if your target audience is not active on Twitter, it’s still a great place to connect with influencers from your industry and the media which is beneficial to traditional PR efforts. Its very important to make sure you’re page stays active and is monitored. The younger generations are using Twitter more and more to voice complaints, and with Twitter’s high authority, those unanswered complaints could turn into first page Google rankings. YouTube or Vimeo is right for your business if… you have any type of videos to share. You can host the videos on your chosen site and every time one is watched the consumer will see other offerings at the end. These channels also rank highly on search engines and it is never bad to have more listings on page 1 of Google. There is substantial value in social media, but brands need to enter into each new channel with their eyes wide open. If you have a person who is entirely responsible for social media marketing for your business, then trying out each new channel may be worthwhile. If your administrative assistant is updating your current channels when he/she has time, trying out each new option might prove a fruitless endeavor. Social media is a two-way street and if you are not actively participating in the conversation, you will not grow your social community. It is better to choose the mediums that make the most sense for your business and wait until you have the data to proofprove the new channels could have positive reactions. If you are looking for advice about starting or updating your company’s social media strategy, please contact us and we’ll help you figure out the best way forward.
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