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The Rising Numbers of Facebook Advertising

There are a lot of commas in those advertising numbers. Typically, I wouldn’t say that advertiser adoption and spend is a clear indicator of success, especially in the technology arena. Fads come and go and whether it’s QR codes or augmented reality, they may enjoy quick adoption before they find their proper place as an advertising channel.
Sample Facebook Advertising Infographic 2013
Facebook The Evolution | Advertising Trends and Users
Facebook is still struggling to find the right mix of community service and advertising revenue. Their latest announcement of auto-play, inline video advertising has a few people wondering who is making the decisions in Silicon Valley, but again, they will find the right mix. The numbers for advertising both desktop and mobile have clearly continued to climb in the digital arena. The reasons are simple – #1 Better targeting, #2 Better measurement and if you’re any good #3 Better results. This infographic shows the growth of Facebook’s advertising platform in gross revenue. It also shows the spend per MAU (Monthly Active User) is on the rise. Two items will drive the average spend per user higher – adoption continues and therefore new advertisers contribute to the market with new dollars or the noise level from advertisers thus the advertisers must spend more dollars to be heard. Fortunately, for advertisers right now, the Facebook increase appears to be mostly continued growth in adoption. Yes, that will increase the noise, but for now, they are still enjoying nice returns on their investment. Like many investments, you need to get in the game early. Why do I believe Facebook advertising is so successful? Easy – targeting is crazy good and it creates an implied referral through the sponsored posts mechanism. Bill Likes _____ so you should too. That’s a very powerful combination when used wisely. Facebook_Advertising_Infographic_2013.jpg
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