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The Social Media Forecast for 2020: What You Need to Know for the New Year

While social media is always going to be an unpredictable place (who could have foreseen that an egg would break Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record or that Yanny and Laurel would divide us all?) there are some things we can make an educated guess about. Whether social media is a critical component of your brand or merely an afterthought, there are some changes and trends which you should be aware of in order to stay at the top of your social media game.   Social Communities Will Expand We’ve all seen Facebook’s recent ad campaign for Facebook Groups. However, their sometimes silly but always heartwarming ads are just the start. Social media is being used more and more as a way for individuals to connect more personally with others who share their interests, lifestyles, and experiences. While Facebook groups aren’t new, they are definitely having a resurgence which doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Don’t be afraid to start your own group this year to gather the fans of your brand together and engage with them in a new and meaningful way!   Customer Service will be Key As more and more brands turn to all social media platforms (as they should!) we will see customers rely more on these platforms for customer service. Social media platforms and messaging gives customers a direct line of communication with your brand. Customers will no longer be seeking an 800 number, they’ll be expecting to connect with brands instantly via Facebook messenger, Twitter direct messages, Snap Chat, and Instagram messages. Social media platforms are becoming the frontlines for customer service and brands need to be prepared to meet that demand.   Say Goodbye to Likes Instagram has already begun to remove likes from its platform across the globe and in 2020, we foresee this only becoming more prevalent. While it is hard to determine what sort of impact this will have for the platform and its users, it’s fair to assume that ideas of what is “popular” may change along with our interactions within the platform. Social media might become an overall friendlier and healthier place, which is something we can all get on board for!   Video Will Remain King Video’s reigning popularity should come as no surprise. In 2020, video will only expand and become even more crucial to your social media success. Video is and will remain, the most engaging form of social media content. Users are looking for engaging video content across all mediums, whether it be in a social story or in an ad. If you don’t have a rock-solid video strategy in place yet…definitely come talk to us about it!   Gen Z is Here to Stay While millennials are thriving, Gen Z is right behind them. Learning how to market to this complex generation is going to be a necessary challenge in the new year!  While there is still a lot of debate on the best ways to appeal to this audience, there are a few principals to follow, including adopting a mobile-first strategy, using influencers, and remaining authentic, just to name a few!   If one of your resolutions this year is to give your social media a boost, connect with us! We can help your brand get 2020 off on the right foot!   Written by Kateri Bean.
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