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The Two “W”s of Facebook Pages

Lots of organizations have put their businesses on Facebook. Why? Because they see print ads, billboards, TV spots, websites, you name it… all with a reference to “Find us on Facebook”. Maybe your business is among them. You’ve taken the all-important first step and have set up a Facebook page, but you haven’t gotten fans in droves. I am going to address the two “W”s of Facebook here: 1)Why do you need fans; and 2) What do you need to do to get fans? W1: Why do you need fans? We are asked this question quite a bit. Aside from the obvious – it’s a great way to show people your business is popular – it’s a way to have a captive audience that you can reach out to. With the advertising world becoming increasingly segmented, and the world itself becoming smaller and smaller, you have an opportunity to find an audience you might not have found before. Think about it. Your target market used to watch network TV, and was forced to watch a full 30-minute show. Now, they can DVR through a show and miss every message. Your target market used to listen to the radio, religiously. Now, they have an iPod, or satellite radio. And they used to read a paper (yeah, a real live paper). Now they read the paper online – if they read it at all. Building an online audience allows you to reach out to all of these people quickly and easily, and carry on a conversation with them. W2: What do you need to do to get fans? There are a couple of simple things that can help you. You may have noticed that Facebook gives you different options when you post on a fan page – Promote, Share, Like, Comment. The Comment and Like buttons – well, we all know what those are. The other two, Promote and Share, are different. If you don’t add something to the post – a link or a photo, for example – Facebook offers you the opportunity to Promote it. What’s that? Well, it’s a nice way for Facebook to say “Hey, you’re missing something here. Why don’t you pay us a few bucks to promote the post?” While Facebook ads can be a good thing, they’re likely not what you had in mind. And if you add a link or photo? Well, that’s the Holy Grail. Someone can “share” the post, add their own comment, and it shows up on the pages of all fans who see their news feed. So if you like something we posted on the wedü page (wedü party machine, perhaps?) you could click Share, comment, and it will show up right there in your news feed, with a link back to the fan page. With the average Facebook fan pushing 300 friends, each time someone shares you could be hitting 300 new people who don’t know you. You can even share the status for your own fan page, informing your friends of what’s new. There are lots of little tricks like this which can help you boost your fan numbers and your visibility. If you need help navigating the ever-changing world of Facebook, contact us. We’re happy to help you learn more and make your business capitalize on this more effectively!
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