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The wedü Code Brü Challenge

Back in January, I started a fun CodePen challenge to my co-workers, called Code Brü. Entrants can build anything you want on CodePen with a given theme, then everyone votes on their favorite entry. The winner receives a free 6-pack of beer (or a spirit) of their choice. The idea of Code Brü is to let our entire agency team  build and improve upon their web coding and development skills. Not every member of a company needs to know the exact recipe, methods and mixture for how the product is made, but imagine what a team can accomplish if each member could better pair their expertise with that knowledge. I’m proud to announce that many of the crowd favorites have been from members of our team who are very new to web development. I’m excited to share and celebrate some of these team-members’ entries below. The skills earned in this fun contest have already started paying off.

Woah, back up. What’s CodePen?

CodePen is an online code editor. You can edit HTML, CSS, and Javascript and see the results instantly. It’s a great tool for experimenting with code, debugging, and building demos.

Eight Months Later

Each month, a single word challenge theme such as ‘flowers’ or ‘vacation’ is offered, making the challenge as much a creative activity as it is code. So how did it turn out? Pretty awesome, in fact. You can view all the entries and see just how awesome it was. We had pens coming from all over our departments with some fantastic creativity.

Here’s Some of My Favorites

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