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The Wellspring that is Twitter

Facebook is getting the lion’s share of attention by marketers today and for good reason. Notice I even began an article about Twitter with the word Facebook! Right now, Facebook is clearly the biggest place, and probably the most dynamic place to engage consumers online among the top social networks. Most marketing situations demand that Facebook be seriously looked at but Twitter is becoming more and more relevant as both a B2B and a B2C marketing and sales tool. It is still a bit mysterious to many business executives who may not fully grasp its power as not only a microblog site but also as a search engine for real-time discussions, consumer interaction, new information and breaking news. As a business’s brand becomes involved in the active discussions going on in the “twitterverse” about its product or industry, its followers become more deeply engaged with the brand and more likely to do business. Another amazing thing about Twitter is that it is the gift of information that keeps on giving! The more carefully you manage the people and organizations you follow, the better informed you will be about the topics and trends that matter to you. Let me offer a couple of Twitter business examples, one from a big business and another from an individual salesperson’s perspective. One of the largest banks in America learned how to “Wow!” people with great online customer service using Twitter. The example goes like this: The bank set up several customer service-specific Twitter accounts and used Twitter’s search tools to find anything being said on the network about the bank in real time. (This is amazingly easy to do, by the way.) The online customer service reps would immediately respond with quick solutions to individual customers’ service problems. One example is how a customer tweeted about her ATM card being swallowed by a machine and being stuck without it. The bank rep was able to tweet (paraphrasing): “Hey @… we found your ATM card. We’re holding it at XYZ Branch. Come by any time or call us at …” Just imagine how the customer feels when reading that. If it was me I’d think, Wow, my bank is using this awesome technology to provide immediate personal service! A personal Twitter example of mine deals with practicing what I preach: When making sales calls, always try to bring something valuable to the discussion rather than just be “checking in.” I was recently scanning my Twitter page and came across a category-specific blog post about some obvious but highly overlooked revenue channels in my prospect’s industry. So I forwarded the post link to my prospective client. She loved it and emailed me back requesting an appointment to kick off a previously proposed project. That’s why I like Twitter. It’s an endless wellspring of fresh information and a great place for you to add to that wealth of knowledge! As you begin to advance your social media strategy, it may be a good time to give Twitter a serious look. It offers some great tools to keep you informed and to increase your brand’s relevancy in your customers’ and prospects’ minds. Want more? Please feel free to follow us @weduinc. Thanks for reading. Gotta fly!
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