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There’s an Applet for That: Using Automations to Make your Day-to-Day Life Easier

Everyone is busy. That’s just a fact. A lot of times we’re guilty of making ourselves busier than we need to be by overcomplicating our situations with repetitive tedium. We also add undue stress by having to remember to do all these tasks – c’mon we all have innumerous post-it notes, scribbled reminders, timers, and other means to remember what to do and when. We can alleviate this stress by incorporating automations through various connectivity tools out there. Let’s face it, there’s no magic unicorn of an application or platform that does everything for you — sorry Microsoft and Alphabet, but it’s true. Honestly, some apps just do specific things really, really well so they focus in on fine-tuning that skill. That’s why we all have so many tools in our toolset: Gmail, Trello, Stripe, Google Maps, Hootsuite, Github, etc. By using automations, you can link these tools together and perform workflows that take a bit of the stress and overhead off your shoulders and allows you to focus on the bigger things in your docket. Here are some of the services that can help make your day-to-day easier:   Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow) Has 316 services available (not just Microsoft products) such as GitHub, Slack, Jira, WordPress, etc.   Zapier Numerous services to link (over 1500): from task and project managers like Trello, Basecamp, Jira, and Asana; to eCommerce platforms and payment processors like Stripe, Shopify, WooCommerce; to daily tools like Office, Google, and Evernote; to CRM and lead-gen tools like Hubspot, Drip, Campaign Monitor, etc.   IFTTT (If This Then That) More of a personal assistant than a work productivity tool (although it still could be). It connects well with IOTs like Smart Fridges, Ring, Hue, Alexa, etc. There’s an applet (what they call their automations) for getting yourself out of an awkward situation. Basically, by activating the applet it triggers a phone call to you so that you can politely excuse yourself from a sticky situation There are also applets for Dominos so you could have your porch lights turned on when your order is out for delivery Sometimes it’s helpful to use these tools to merge separate workflows. Suppose you have a client who likes to manage tasks and to-dos in Basecamp but your internal process uses Trello to maintain tasks for a specific project. With a simple automation, you can set it so new to-dos in Basecamp get ported into your Trello board so your team can manage the process internally without having to bounce between both apps. Extend that automation and you can have a message posted to your Slack channel notifying the team that a new item was added to your Trello board from the client’s Basecamp so your team can get push-notifications and address the asks right away.   However you decide to use automations, all of these tools are geared towards making your life simpler with just a small investment ahead of time to get everything set up. Think of the stress that will be relieved, the time that will be freed up, and the productivity gained all from such a simple investment!  
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