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Trello, your new go-to tool for organizing tasks and getting things done!

Work can get busy, really busy. Sometimes it might even seem chaotic. Between projects you are lined up to tackle and responsibilities that need to be taken care of and/or managed; details small and large can fall through the cracks.


With any given project, there are many moving parts, objectives, people involved, and minor details that can’t be forgotten. There are plenty of options out there to tackle managing these ventures. At wedü, one great tool we use to help us manage our project tasks and goals is Trello. 


Trello offers the ability to create custom lists that contain cards, created for each task that needs to be accomplished. These ‘cards’ offer an array of options to keep track of all the information associated with it. The cards can be categorized and assigned to team members -who you invite to the board. There are also fields like checklists and file attachments available to store many of the details associated with the task.


This is super helpful when working towards helping our clients be successful in their endeavors, but are we limited to using it just at work? Of course not! Trello is a free tool and useful for personal life as well.  


For example, at Christmas time, my wife and I created a Trello board to keep track of our gift-giving to our four kids. We had lists for each kid and then a list for shared gifts (for the big family gift). We then were able to create ‘cards’ for gifts that we wanted to give to them. We labeled them using Trello’s ability to categorize the cards. As the gifts were bought, shipped and then (eventually) wrapped, we updated their label and category color. We also archived gift ideas that we didn’t end up going forward on. It was extremely useful and helped us keep track of who was getting what. It was also great when we were wrapping gifts late into the night on Christmas Eve and could visually keep track of how many gifts were left to wrap!


You could use Trello for all kinds of projects in your life: camping trips, home improvement projects, bucket list items, travel plans and more. You can use a Trello board wherever you need to keep track of lists of To Dos and all the details associated with them. It’s been an improvement for us as a team at wedü, and for this web developer at home.

  Written by Bryan Campbell.
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