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Twitter Strategizing With New Analytics

When it comes to your social media strategy, your primary focus is your audience. Often this is done just by having a discussion about who you want your customers to be and how you can craft your content plan around reaching those people. But is that enough? Not in this day and age. Strategy word painted on asphalt road Thanks to Twitter’s latest analytics update your strategy can be much more refined.  The new edition of the analytics platform shows not just tweet analytics, but very specific information about your followers and tweets. There are two main categories to pay attention to: Tweets and Followers. Let’s walk through how to use the Tweets tab to create more impactful content: Look to your top performing tweets and pay close attention to two factors: What are the post themes? Jot down the general themes from the last month, you’ll need it in the next step. And secondly, was the content original or curated? Use the themes from your most popular posts to create content for the next content period. Start with 3 posts per theme and then move on. You can always come back to a theme, but you don’t want to dry the well right away. It’s typically better for most brands to share original content which drives back to their own website, but third party content, proven organic content, and news jacking are good for variety and to grow your follower base. If the majority of your top performing content is third party, you will need to create more engaging material to try and keep the conversation going. If your most popular posts do lead back to your website, keep up the good work! 500 million tweets are sent every day, which boils down to roughly 6,000 per second. With that amount of volume going out on a daily basis, it’s imperative that your content matches the audience that you have, not just the audience that you want. With Twitter’s updated Followers tab you can do just that. Some of the most interesting information you can learn in this category is about the interest areas of your followers, the TV genres they watch, their home buying habits, annual income, net worth, age, marital status and even their cell phone provider and credit card vendor of choice. You can take any of this data and make strategic content choices around it! By paying close attention to these demographics you can ensure that the followers you have are the ones that support your business goals. The best tactic I can tell you is to review your follower data thoroughly and often. It is consistently being updated as more user information becomes available from Twitter’s third party data partners. These in-depth follower statistics have not rolled out to all Twitter accounts yet but if you’re interested to learn more, please give us a call to schedule a strategy session!
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