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Twitter’s Behavioral Targeting for Wine and Spirits Advertising

If you’re tired of wasting your budget on the traditional broad “21+” categories, learn how to use big data and behavioral ad targeting to improve your results with impressions that make an impact. Behavioral targeting is for the discovery of potential new customers as it requires no initial action with your brand. Read on how this can be applied to your wine or spirits marketing on Twitter, or take a step back for a brief introduction to behavioral targeting. Because Twitters reward better placement (and lower costs) to brands with more engaging ads, ad engagement, not budget, is key to long-term impressions with measurable impact for your campaigns.

Behavioral Targeting with Twitter

Twitter’s behavioral advertising is the new big data kid on the block. Partnering with Acxiom, Blue Kai and other partners, Twitter offers targeting based on online and offline consumer behavior such as purchases, subscriptions, financial information and buying styles, and even automotive ownership. Like Facebook, Twitter continues to offer its traditional targeting based on user demographics, location and interests by follower or keyword. These big data augmented targets allow you to further refine your targets for better engagement. Key Targetable Behaviors for Spirits and Wine for Twitter Include:
  • Purchase Behavior: Alcohol
    • Wine
    • Spirits
    • Beer

  Don’t settle for the same targets as your competitors. Use tailored messaging with Twitter’s more elaborate behavioral targeting to extend your brand with resonance.
  • Affluence
  • Seasonal
    • Father’s Day Shoppers
    • ‘Outdoor Entertainers’
    • ‘Holiday Entertainers’
Twitters work with Datalogix for model consumers, such as the seasonal targets above; introduce interesting opportunities for putting your brand before the right kind of people, especially when combined with your brand’s own geographic and demographic target.

Steal This Idea for Twitter Ad Targeting: Amplified Corporate Social Responsibility

Looking to amplify the effects of your corporate social responsibility? Use Twitter’s ‘Philanthropy’ categories to share your message to those with whom it would resonate most. Twitter allows you to promote your message to those supporting over a dozen philanthropic families from animal welfare to veteran’s causes. If you’re a brand that supports sustainability, veterans or international aid, this is a platform for you to affordably extend that shine.

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