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ü Oughta Know: Facebook 360 Video, YouTube Music and Google Play Podcasting

Facebook 360 Video hits iPhone

Video on Facebook used to turn heads, but expect more and more to have audiences spinning wildly in their office chairs. Facebook announced 360 degree videos for Android back in September, and some brands like Discovery Channel have begun using them for novel engagements. However, the new addition of iPhone device means that brands, and well equipped hobbyists, can post their own immersive video experiences to the social stream. How immersive? Included in the announcement was compatibility with Samsung Gear VR headset, suggesting that 3D video might be closer than we think. Official release at:

YouTube Launches Official Music App

YouTube has always been a bit of an unofficial music app, whether you’re on your 18th replay of Gangnam Style or channeling your inner Alan Hunter as office VJ. YouTube announced November 12 the addition of the YouTube Music app. Being YouTube, the new app still plays videos, and is ad supported just as YouTube’s main site and app. Should adoption spread, this may allow advertisers with lower budgets to get it on streaming music(ish) as YouTube has no minim spend. Official Blog at:

Google Play Podcasting

Podcasting continues to see a resurgence as a storytelling, entertainment and marketing platform adopted by a wide audience. There’s no lack of podcasting apps and services available, from iTunes to my personal favorite Stitcher, and even Spotify’s May announcement that the popular music streaming service would add support. However, the integration of podcasting into apps that users already have may help make adoption of one or two shows easier, as iTunes had done for it years ago. Want to be one of the first in with your content? Google is accepting RSS feeds now, though no official date of launch has been given. Add your feed at  


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