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ü Oughta Know: Its Been A Busy Week For Twitter; Using Google Glass For Good; Promoted Pins Are About To Hit The Market.

iStock_000020004258_Largeü Oughta Know is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. Each week our hope is to help keep your knowledge sharp while providing a delightful craving of classic Alanis Morissette.  Here’s what you oughta know: Twitter Renews Partnership With Search Engines Twitter announced deals with Yahoo Japan and Flipboard last Tuesday that will see Twitter ads like “promoted tweets” pop up on both services. During their fourth quarter earnings report Thursday, they also announced a renewed partnership with Google. Twitter has a strategy in place to grow their revenue from 1.4 billion to 14 billion annual by 2024 and these search engine partnerships will help get more eyes on Twitter on a daily manner. If the deal with Google goes back to the way things were in 2009, tweets will be displayed as Google search results. The original partnership ended in 2011 because Twitter wanted more say over what tweets were shown and Google was too busy launching Google+ to show them any attention. This new partnership shows us that Google is now turning away from Google+ and putting more effort into partnerships with other social networks. It also indicates that massive growth and changes are on the horizon for Twitter, be sure to follow our blog for more information as we have it! Paying For Verified Twitter Accounts Ah, the illusive blue checkmark next to your Twitter handle.  Would you pay to get one? In another move to increase revenue Twitter may be allowing users to pay to be a verified account. Rumor has it that starting later this year you will be able to pay just $1 to verify your own account. Currently the distinction of a verified account is reserved for people in the public eye who have fake accounts made in their name. President Obama for example has a verified account.  Allowing users to pay to verify their accounts may add revenue and help Twitter reach its 14 billion goal by 2024 but at what cost? What’s to stop fake accounts from now being verified? Using Google Glass For Good It looks like as Google takes a step back from Google+, they are pushing forward with new uses for their other products and services. Instead of marketing Google Glass to the masses, Google is stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. What industries can most benefit from this technology? The latest industry to get on board is a Netherlands airport. Google Glass is being used at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport by authorities as a hands-free way to look up gate and flight information. This leaves authority figures with more opportunities to keep travelers safe while also answering their questions and concerns in a timely manner. Promoted Pins About To Be Mainstream This new feature from Pinterest has still yet to be opened to the public, but the steps seem simple enough; pick a pin, decide who sees it, pay for visits, and track what is working.  Pinterest boards already convert well to sales and ads will be designed to look very similar to typical pins. It was launched in Beta late last year and brand advertisers achieved a 30% bump in earned media from the promoted pins which tells us that promoted pins are going to be a great resource for brands. The interaction with images linked to sites will be very similar to traditional pins as well, which is a huge difference to other social media PPC, such as Facebook, that looks and acts very different.
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