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ü Oughta Know: Some Highlights from SXSW and Paid Digital Subscriptions On The Rise

ü Oughta Know is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. Each week our hope is to help keep your knowledge sharp while providing a delightful craving of classic Alanis Morissette.  Here’s what you oughta know: Some Highlights from SXSW: Jim Antonellis, our Creative Director and Liam Roberge, one of our Account Managers, are at SXSW until Thursday soaking in all the interactive knowledge (and sun!) they can, but while we wait for them to write about their favorite seminars and activities, here are a few important presentations and ideas you might have missed.
  • The process of coming up with and honing good ideas is big this year. Jim and Liam attended the “How to Keep Ideas Alive after SXSW” and “Creativity on Demand” seminars, both focused heavily on what makes a good idea and how to turn great ideas into great campaigns.CAOociAUgAErweZ
  • Amy Webb, founder of the Webb Media Group, researches near-future trends in digital media and technology. During her presentation at SXSW, she predicts two areas will be big in 2015; “haptics, which add a tactical component to notifications, and mobile ambient alerts, which would buzz to notify you without being overly intrusive”. In 2011, Webb predicted that mobile payment would soon become the norm and that traditional TV shows and commercials would start adding social elements. Based on the number of people using Apple Pay and the constant stream of hashtags across my TV, I think it’s safe to place bets on her predictions!
  • Pi day celebrations were in full (and large scale) swing. This year’s Pi day was special as it comes around just once in a century. The date and time spelled the first 10 digits of Pi: 3.141592653. South by Southwesters celebrated the event with free mini-pi(e)s, selfies with giant Pi symbols, and a countdown to the big moment.
Paid Digital Subscriptions On The Rise: The “freemium model” of digital subscriptions is on the rise. According to The Business Insider, many free digital media services, such as Spotify and Hulu, have embraced monthly and annual paid subscriptions. This business model allows these companies to offer a premium experience that has more value to consumers than traditional ad-supported services. The success of a freemium product boils down to offering your paying audience with exclusive content that can only be accessed beyond the paywall. Your loyal consumers will find the expanded offering irresistible! Here are some of the proportions of paid subscribers in these apps to give you a sense of which genres are catching on the fastest: Spotify (25%), WhatsApp (21%), Pandora (5%), Match Group (5%), The New York Times (3%), and LinkedIn (2%).


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