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ü Oughta Know: The New Live Steam, LinkedIn Referrals and Twitter Polls

ü Oughta Know is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. Each week our hope is to help keep your knowledge sharp while providing a delightful craving of classic Alanis Morissette.  Here’s what you oughta know: The New Live Steam Have you tried Periscope yet? It’s been in the news a lot this week for the woman who drove drunk while using it, but believe it or not this new social medium can actually be a great asset to your company. Do you strive to host webinars, but can’t find the time? Use Periscope to answer some of the questions you would answer in a webinar and if there is enough interested you can always circle back to turn it into a longer discussion. This new platform is proving its value to brands so come back soon to see what else we have to share about it. Screenshot_101615_090840_AM LinkedIn Referrals We are proud of our agency culture here at wedu and an update announced by LinkedIn on Wednesday could help us (and other companies!) find better talent. LinkedIn announced a new edition to their medium called Referrals. This will be a way for companies to automatically tap into their existing employees’ network to hire new people. They also announced simplified search strings based on new algorithms that will make sorting through the people found much more efficient. Have you ever hired an employee through LinkedIn? Twitter Polls Are Close! Twitter polls were first announced over a year ago, but just last week they made an announcement that polls had rolled out to select users and would soon be making their way to all pages. As a potential media, the prospects are interesting, but not enough is known yet to know if they’ll be useful. Some of the reasons why polls could be great remains unanswered. •         Can we brands see who participated? (For use with prizing.) •         Is this compatible with common Twitter apps like HootSuite? •         Can polls be combined with promoted content? •         Can polls use images or video? •         Does a vote on Twitter generate a social action, increasing the life and reach of the post? The prospects are exciting, but we’re waiting on some official information from Twitter, or some hands-on time, then we can begin to make recommendations.  


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