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ü Oughta Know: Vine gets G rated; Snapchat updates ad offering; Super Bowl drives social conversations.

School children using digital tablet outside ü Oughta Know is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. Each week our hope is to help keep your knowledge sharp while providing a delightful craving of classic Alanis Morissette.  Here’s what you oughta know: Vine Introduces a G rated version for kids Much like the Netflix “Kids” feature, Vine introduced its own “Kids” version earlier this week. This standalone app operates much the same as traditional Vine, but it filters out inappropriate posts and generally keeps things G-rated.  Some videos already on rotation include animated characters, animals and educational tid-bits. Children can swipe left or right and tap the screen for fun sound effects. Vine Kids was developed as part of the company wide hack week in mid-January, showing that a great, new, effective marketing tool doesn’t have to take long to build! Snapchat makes it easy to discover Snapchat has unveiled a new platform for publishers (which any brand with a good content marketing strategy is!) to help steer social media conversations. We predict that once it’s up and running, Discover will be available for all brands, but for now, Snapchat is launching Discover with 11 media partners, including: National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, The Food Network and ESPN. Each partner has their own channel that will have featured content for Snapchats audience. Unlike traditional Snap messages, Discover stories will stay on the users’ phone for 24 hours. Most marketing efforts, both traditional and digital, cannot guarantee the consumer will return to the promotion for additional information, but with Discoveries, the option is there. Leave it to the developer of expiring pictorial messages to create an ad platform that really sticks! To see a preview of how this new feature will work,  head over to the Snapchat website where you will be greeted with a promotional video. Digital Marketing is the real winner of Super Bowl 49 Facebook announced Monday that more than 65 million people contributed to 265 million posts, comments and likes on Facebook during the Super Bowl. Some of the top moments of the game on Facebook were:
  • The Patriots winning the game was the most popular topic which attracted 1.36 million conversations per minute.
  • Second to the big win was Katy Perry’s half time close out of Firework with 1.02 million conversations per minute.
In addition to the impressive numbers on Facebook, more than 28.4 million tweets were sent with information related to the Super Bowl and the halftime show. You might be wondering what this means for your business; in the digital age it doesn’t take a huge ad budget to have your brand join in on the conversation and if you weren’t already convinced that Super Bowl Sunday has entered the digital age, these numbers sure help to prove it.
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