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Refreshing Your Creative Collateral

Refreshing Your Creative Collateral

Author: Crystal, Visual Designer As a member of wedü’s Creative Department, one of my main priorities is to ensure our clients get noticed and look great doing so, no matter how we’re developing their marketing efforts. With endless amounts of competition in so many industries, standing out among a saturated market place can be a challenging feat, one that should not be ignored. Distinguishing your brand from others is crucial to longevity within any market, so take a look at what I suggest doing to ensure success. Bolder Color Palettes:  Louder, bolder color palettes for branding and advertisement are where we’re at in 2018. In order to get noticed through all the noise in current society, you need to employ this tool. Seems simple enough but often times the idea of going bold can sound scary. Fear not, going bold doesn’t necessarily refer to the use of neon colors, but rather adding in a secondary or call out style color that is several shades brighter than your primary brand colors. This will enhance the focus of your advertisement piece will in turn give life to your brand. Cinemagraphs:  What is this you ask? Well my friend, take a static image, then add a classy touch of movement in an element of the image. You may be thinking, how will that get noticed, especially if it’s subtle? Well, that’s the point right there. In today’s market place, there is so much noise and visual saturation. When you bring in new hybrid style graphics, it differentiates you from your competitors and as a result you get noticed. Cinemagraphs enable you to utilize the element of surprise, as you wouldn’t typically expect these, seemingly, static images to have any motion, yet they do. Here’s to getting noticed and looking great in 2018!

Internet Security Updates for 2018

Author: Ryan, Senior Developer Internet browsers have taken charge of your internet security and will begin flagging all unencrypted pages as “not secure” starting in July of this year. In an attempt to keep your browsing data safe, online browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox will look to better warn their users of sites that don’t utilize HTTPS. Along with the enhancement in security to your site, this update will show great improvements to your site’s Search Engine Optimization, as most indexers will place a higher importance on secure pages. Additionally, a secure site is viewed with more trust by the end user and gives your brand that much more cache. If the cost of the upgrade is something you’re weary of, there are online services that allow for free SSL protection, but bear in mind that these free services do not add the level of protection or validity that an extended domain validation offers.

Facebook Partner Categories

Author: Carolanne, Social Media Storyteller Over the next six months, Facebook will be removing the ability to use Partner Categories, a targeting option that enables third-party data providers to offer their targeting directly on the social platform. This change in targeting will affect the way in which companies reach their consumers, in that targeting consumer past behaviors will no longer be available. No need to worry, as ample amounts of other targeting options remain available, but it is something to be aware of as your social targeting may need to be adjusted upon Facebook’s implementation.
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