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ü Oughta Know — Facebook Remarketing, Opportunities with Paper, and Building From the Ground Up

ü Oughta Know is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. Each week our hope is to help keep your knowledge sharp while providing a delightful craving of classic Alanis Morissette.  Here’s what you oughta know:

Facebook Introduces Ad Targeting Remarketing Fans will ‘Like’

In the coming weeks, Facebook announced it will be introducing new remarketing/retargeting capabilities to all advertisers. These added features will allow brands and organizations to Facebook adds remarketing/retargetingtarget those users who are already using their websites, campaign microsites and mobile apps. This new rollout makes effective remarketing to current and potential customers on Facebook’s mobile and web experiences available to even the most conservative of online advertising budgets. This capability has been used by online giants such as Amazon for some time through FBX (Facebook Exchange) and third-party partners. Also be on the lookout for stronger calls-to-action to accompany promoted content on Facebook, with native buttons to include ‘download,’ ‘shop now’ and ‘sign up.’ These buttons will appear with promoted content linking to brand and organization websites on both mobile and desktop.

More Facebook: FB Rolls out its ‘Paper’ app

Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday with the release of Paper, an iOS mobile reader app with a presentation that’s similar to Flipboard. And judging by the introductory video, it’s going to create a whole new Facebook experience. Facebook announces PaperPaper will take stories from your news feed and add stories — curated by humans and algorithms — from publications. You’ll be able to customize Paper with themed sections that you pick, so you can follow what you’re interested in and perhaps uncover things you may not have come across on your own.  In its news page, Facebook says that the first section will be your News Feed; you then have a choice of themed sections with a mix of what Facebook describes as “content from emerging voices and well-known publications.” The pictures and videos are big and bold and the flip animation is pretty amazing. And while all this is cool, the big question is, what does it mean to marketers? The answer, as of Feb. 3 when the app is released, is … nothing: The app will premier ad-free. But according to TechCrunch, Facebook is considering how they can naturally integrate ads; Information Week suggests the app won’t stay ad-free for long; and mobile entertainment says the team at Facebook is “toying with autoplay videos and video advertising.” All of which could provide some interesting opportunities for digital marketers. Stay tuned.

Google Gives Us Something to Build On

Have you run out of ways to waste time while you’re at work? Don’t tell the boss we told you, but Google just released Build With Chrome, a desktop Lego building kit for the kid in all of us. You can let Google use your location and it gives you that as a base, or you can choose a base from anywhere in the world. The app lets you see what others have built; you can also share your buildings and see what’s been built by people in your circles on Google+. Screen shot of Build With ChromeAmanda Kooser at CNET points out several very cool things about Build With Chrome: No sorting through buckets of bricks; you can change the color of your bricks; and you’re unlikely to step on one. I’d like to add: and the dog probably won’t eat any of them. I haven’t been able to fully immerse myself in Build With Chrome because, after all, I’m at work and it would be totally, totally wrong to spend my time like that, but I’m fairly certain Building With Chrome will cause me to lose large amounts of time when I’m supposed to be doing something else – at home of course.

Tips and Tricks – IFTT Stands for Automation for All

As a C-level exec or marketing professional, you’re judged more on your effect and efficiency than your effort. While wedü usually talks about automation from the angle of marketing automation, this week’s tip lets you free up some of the day with a web app that can automate everything from text-message alerts when a new Google Alert drops to automatically saving your fan’s social media posts to a Google doc. ‘If This Than That, or IFTTT ( connects with over 75 web apps, online services and physical devices to allow for useful, creative and odd automation recipes. With channels ranging from RSS feeds and Facebook brand pages to smart-home equipment and popular productivity tools, there’s an unlimited arrangement of recipes available. What’s our favorite IFTT recipe? Our personal favorite recipe is to receive a text or mobile alert when a message is posted to social media channels of our clients. This allows us to have an extra check on post scheduling platforms such as Hoot Suite, but also lets us be one of the first to know if account security is compromised.
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