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Unspecialize: The More You Know The Less You See

This past March, Jim and I had the great experience of  attending SXSW interactive. Over the coming months we’ll be sharing some key take-aways and lessons we learned here on the wedu blog. This installment is all about unspecializing. Screen+Shot+2015-03-19+at+8.58.21+PM This session was all about seeing more and looking at things differently.  We all have a certain history or expertise that we look at our lives through, but that only allows us to see something through one particular lens.  The more we are able to step back and look at the entire picture, the more we will see.

Familiarity Drains Discovery 

People that ride on a bus or take the T to work each day walk through the same thing over and over again.  Their familiarity with their journey creates a situation where they are no longer exploring what is around them.

This may have to do with one phenomenon across all cultures: your phone is the connector that disconnects.

One of our jobs will be to create marketing tactics that connect people back to their environments.  Enter the man-eater sticker.


This word literally means ‘to look around’.

Reality is blocked by your phone and this game is a tool to connect you back and refocus you on reality and your environments.

At its core this is a photo app that teaches you to be more perceptive.

Patterns from the game:

  • Revealing rounds
  • Subconscious Selfie
  • Body Hoops

The Lesson

Some times you’re narrowed down to what you know.  Step back and look at everything you can to refocus on the task at hand.

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