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UX Isn’t Just a Pretty Picture

We all know first impressions can shape entire relationships. Your first impressions with people close to you are often engraved in your mind. Websites are no different. Consider what users’ first impressions are when they load your website. Now imagine yourself walking into a brick-and-mortar version of your site. What if it was impossible to find what you’re looking for or there was no customer service associate in-sight to help? The likeliness of you walking out is very high. This is how your e-commerce site visitors feel if your site is not optimized to make their experience an easy and enjoyable one. The role that UX plays on your e-commerce site is vital to sales generation, and it’s about much more than just a pretty picture The first thing to consider is, what insights about the user experience should you be collecting? The second is, how you should be using those insights to shift the needle towards conversions. While e-commerce trends continue to change, some things stay the same, and they are the basic but crucial factors that will play into how your UX drives conversions. A great place to start is by identifying if your site has these qualities: -Operational simplicity -Security of users’ data -Clear data presentation via menus, catalogs, etc. -Ability users have to leave feedback about goods and services -Product promotions -Easily available contact information It’s all about creating the least amount of friction as possible while still being resourceful to them. A good first impression leads to a longer visit which can lead to some really powerful things. Of course, it increases your chances of converting them, which is our ultimate goal but it’s about more than that. It can also provide you essential insight as to how users interact with your site. Let’s illustrate this with an example: Recently one of our clients, the NH Liquor and Wine Outlets reached out to us in the hopes of launching an innovative new e-commerce site, and we felt confident in our ability to assist. We knew that adoption amongst consumers could be a challenge, as it can be a difficult process to accustom yourself to a new site with complex e-commerce offerings. There was no shortage of customer feedback regarding the overall functionality of the site, and areas of frustration. What did we do? We quickly pivoted and ensured that the UX factors and functionality we thought we had hit the mark on, were improved based on our user’s feedback. Six weeks later, emails are positive and the thank you’s and kudos are rolling in, as are the sales. This is why feedback is so essential when it comes to your site’s UX. As previously mentioned, the longer a user stays on your site the more likely they are to give you physical feedback on their experience and your goods or services. However, as they actively browse your site, you are also gaining feedback on their digital body language. The great thing about UX is that it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Using heat map tool like Crazy Egg are a great way to identify what your user’s body language is. It can help you in identifying reading behavior and even click behavior. For example, if you see consistent multi-click behavior on a CTA button in your heat mapping, you can easily identify there are high levels of user frustrations as it pertains to that button. These tools help to take the guessing game out of site interactions and overall user experience. What users do on your site can be used to optimize the UX and nail down what’s working and what needs improvement. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your site’s UX should positively drive your conversion potential. It’s important to have a design that supports your offers and products, not one that overshadows them. A user’s experience will dictate whether they buy into your product or leave and find the next best competing offer. After all, a first impression matters, but the substance has the final word. Let your UX do the talking for you. Have questions about improving your e-commerce site’s UX? Contact the wedü team!
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