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wedu Awarded Marketing Contract From NH Department of Transportation

wedü announced today that the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) has selected the agency to create the State of New Hampshire Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and to create and execute the subsequent communications plan. The SHSP is the result of a collaborative effort in which relevant roadway safety-related data was gathered, analyzed and shared, and various areas of concern have been carefully considered by a committee comprising members from various state and federal agencies and led by NHDOT.  The plan will provide a roadmap for state agencies and the private sector to work together to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities on New Hampshire’s roadways. The agency will create and carry-out an integrated communications plan which will involve traditional and digital marketing and public relations efforts, as well as overall program branding. “We tapped wedü for these projects based on the breadth of their in-house capabilities and experience,” said Craig Green, Assistant Director of Project Development, New Hampshire Department of Transportation. “Their marketing and public relations capabilities coupled with their intimate knowledge of the New Hampshire market make them the Department’s choice to guide our efforts to reach our many audiences throughout the state.” “We are honored to have been awarded these projects,” said Sean Owen, wedü President and CEO. “We live, work and play in New Hampshire and drive its roadways each and every day, therefore we have a special interest in helping to raise public awareness and make our roadways safer for all.” The New Hampshire Strategic Highway Safety Plan will be published at the end of the first quarter 2012 and will be available to the general public.  The communications plan will roll-out incrementally through 2012 and beyond.
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