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wedu is Making Your Email Marketing Ridiculously Easy and Effective!

email marketing, usend, interactive, segmentation, analyticsStanding out in the sea of brands is becoming more and more difficult every day. wedü’s email template system, üSend, helps you promote your company and your brand. This email-based marketing system provides an extraordinary way to reach your target. With üSend, you will be able to:
  • Easily build a custom-branded email newsletter in literally minutes!– No more wasting time trying to use random software programs to build each email.
  • Integrate with your website data to repurpose and promote your web content- Driving more traffic to your site.
  • Pull data from a number of your list sources to ensure you always have the most current target information.
  • Target and Segment your email recipients and then measure effectiveness to increase your email lead generation.
Deliver well formatted, concise, content-rich emails to prospects, clients, targeted mail lists—even employees. With a few simple key strokes, you can populate a custom-designed template and email an HTML-formatted newsletter directly to your subscribers. These emails will help promote employee and client loyalty, increase sales, and enhance your corporate image. At right, you’ll notice an image with a bunch of boxes on it. This is the wedü üSend template. Building an email with üSend is as simple as uploading a couple of pictures, clicking a couple of news stories which already exist on the site, and pasting some text in. That’s it! Respecting privacy concerns, the system is fully structured to honor opt-in/opt-out subscriber preferences. Safeguards are placed in the system to ensure subscribers who opt-out cannot be accidentally added back to the system. üSend is much more than a simple list serve application. It is a complete marketing management tool. It is so versatile that it can be directly tied to your web content, online web campaigns and offline marketing efforts. Embrace e-marketing opportunities through opt-in emailing campaigns and see measurable results fast. Interested in a free üSend demonstration and quote? Please contact us today!
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