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wedu Public Relations Team Helps Mass Utility Shine Light on “Home Lighting Makeover” Contest

Mass Save sponsor NSTAR Electric ran a “GE Home Lighting Makeover” contest on Facebook and Mr. Jack Chan’s entry was later randomly chosen from hundreds of Massachusetts contestants who entered during the seven-day promotion.wedu Public Relations Enter wedu. wedu was tasked with producing a video showing Mr. Chan’s Newton, Massachusetts home before the makeover and highlighting how NSTAR, GE and Granite City Electric were able to improve the home’s energy efficiency and its aesthetics by installing new, ENERGY STAR-qualified, CFL and LED lighting throughout. The wedu team wrote the storyboard and script for the video, directed the videography team on location at Mr. Chan’s home, and oversaw post-production to deliver a clean, professional final cut video. The client was thrilled. Once the video was complete, wedu’s public relations and digital marketing teams went to work publicizing the video through traditional PR channels, but also by coordinating simultaneous sharing on the Mass Save, NSTAR, GE and Granite City Electric Facebook pages, driving visitors to view the video on YouTube.

Just one more example of the range of our work and how our in-house team of professionals leverages traditional public relations and digital marketing strategy and tactics to achieve client goals.

Congratulations and shine on, Mr. Chan!
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