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wedü Team “Pins” its Interests on Pinterest

wedü, is once again taking the lead in the digital space by using  Pinterest to showcase the clever, yet fun, business, creative and technical minds that form wedü’s culture.
Recently making its way into the list of top 10 social networks, Pinterest is lighting up the digital scene and allows its members to set the tone and landscape for shared content through “pins” of various images and videos from across the web. Although still only available by invitation, Pinterest has become the social bookmarking site of choice for those interested in all things design, photography, fashion, food, travel, books and more.
The wedü team compiled “Top Ten” lists which resulted in over 150 “pins” ranging from travel, video games, fashion and even a compilation of 1980s “one hit wonders”. Also included on the wedü Pinterest page is a showcase board that lists a number of the agency’s clients. “We’re always looking for new and creative ways to utilize technology,” said Sean Owen, wedü President and CEO. “Pinterest provides us a unique social space to showcase our in-house talents and provides an unexploited social avenue for our clients.”
To follow wedü on Pinterest, visit our profile.
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