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What’s In It For Me?

The social media world has exploded and there’s no doubt it will continue to grow. Social media has created an enormous industry for marketing professionals, retail platforms, IT and data management firms and the list goes on. There are so many reasons for the success of this new world, but we’re going to simplify it into three simple reasons – Education, Entertainment and Ego. Those three E’s define the very reason social media has taken off, and they also represent what you must do to be successful in attracting consumers. You must either be Educating, Entertaining or stroking the Ego of your target audience. The traditional public relations model will sometimes include the Educational component of winning exposure, and certainly you can be responsible for Entertainment through hosted events, product sampling, etc. Ego, though, how does that work? Clients often ask – why don’t more people Comment or Like my Facebook postings? Why don’t my followers retweet my tweets? What am I doing wrong? The answer is simple – did you make sure your Likers or Followers could answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” when they saw your post or tweet? It’s sad, but true- people will take action if there’s something in it for them so give them that impression. As with most things in marketing and public relations, perception is reality. If you give the person a platform to be recognized – high scores on a game, survey opinion questions, posting pictures or simply a spot to brag, you’ve conquered the challenge of Ego. Education and Entertainment are much easier to accomplish, but still you must put serious thought into whether you truly provide something which answers “What’s in it for me?” There’s a reason the most stupid videos on YouTube get the highest number of views – Entertainment. There’s a reason that so many blogsters, video bloggers and commentators work feverishly at their craft even if they have virtually no one paying attention to them – Ego. And, there’s a reason that we get enthralled with simple facts about our government, our environment, technology and our culture – Education. Give them something and they’ll respond.
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