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Who Should Handle Your Social Media?

I recently read an article on AdAge that said “brands should be using a PR agency for social media management.” As an employee of an agency that offers public relations services I hate to disagree, but I do. The reality is that there is no right answer when it comes to who should handle your social media because every brand is going to have a different answer. As a professional who has been working in this field for my entire career, I can help educate you on who you need involved to make up a good social media team and where you choose to take those people from is up to you. There are three main roles that need to be filled.


‘What are your business goals?’ should be the first question a good social media strategist will ask you. Some agencies handle your social media as a separate commodity with its own goals and objectives, but if those goals and objectives aren’t tied to your business goals there is no point to even being on social media. Here’s a tip, if your agency tells you that their goal is for each Facebook post to get 100 likes you should dump them yesterday. The strategist can come in many different forms. Here at wedü your accounts team and your digital team are both involved in strategy. Accounts knows what your business goals are and digital knows what’s available to make it happen. Together we strategize organic and paid social strategies because a really great social strategy includes both.


Our creative, digital, accounts and tech teams are all involved when it comes to creative because even the most intricate strategy will fail if you have lackluster creative. Creative in the case of social media is all forms of content: Facebook post copy, Twitter poll copy, infographics, blog posts, Instagram images, storyboards for YouTube videos, sweepstakes setup, etc. At wedü we have clients that we do all of the above for. We also have clients that use in-house resources for Facebook posts and we strategize and design graphics to go with them. No matter which scenario you fall into it, make sure everyone is on the same page. If your in-house graphic artist is creating an infographic, let your outreach team know so they can start prepping to get it going viral!

Community Managers:

This is a title that has only existed for the last five or six years. A community manager manages all of your online communities: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Snap Chat feed, etc. At wedü we have members of our digital team that take on the role of community managers for our clients, but we also have clients who respond directly. The most important job of a community manager is to answer consumer concerns in a timely and knowledgeable manner. Taking the time to train someone to be knowledgeable of your brand will be key to the success of your community management.

So what’s next?

The bottom line is that you need a social media team to be successful and whether you choose for that team to come from different agencies, freelancers or in-house employees, you need to do what works best for your brand. Reach out today to find out how wedü can help grow your social media and meet your business goals.
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