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Why the Look and Feel of Your Facebook Page Matters Now More Than Ever

Art SuppliesYou may have heard that the majority of Facebook users no longer go to the actual pages of the brands they like.  In fact, ExactTarget has reported that 51% of Facebook fans say that they rarely or never visit a company’s page after liking them. So, now I am going to completely contradict that last stat and tell you that the look and feel of your page matters now more than least in one respect. Here’s why…

Advertising Conversions!

If you have embarked on a Facebook advertising campaign before that was focused on building page likes, you already know that the conversion rate of clicks to page likes is even more important of a metric than clickthrough rates. After all, your goal is more likes and you are paying for clicks, so you should be keyed in on optimizing your campaign for the highest conversion rate. You will always get a number of users that will like your page directly from your ad. That number obviously skews higher if you have a popular and recognizable brand. You also have a solid chunk of more selective users that will click through your ad and check out your page before deciding whether or not to like you. This goes for both traditional Facebook advertising and sponsored stories. Yes, sponsored stories have a higher like conversion rate than traditional, but you still want optimize for window-shoppers. Sponsored results added yet an additional dimension in this advertising/page relationship when the ad unit was introduced a few weeks ago. For those of you that don’t know, Sponsored Results are bid-based ads that appear among search results on Facebook. Its early and adoption is low so far, but our digital team is definitely seeing higher clickthrough rates and lower cost per clicks than other Facebook ad units for the clients we are running Sponsored Results ads for. Here is the catch to Sponsored Ads: The users seeing your ads aren’t looking for you, but (if you set them up properly) are looking for something similar to you. Since they are actively searching for something as opposed to passively seeing an ad, you might say that a like conversion from a Sponsored Result ad is more likely to lead to a sales conversion than any other ad unit. Because of all of this, you are in a competition with whatever brand they were actually looking for so you need to give them what they are looking for once they’ve clicked on your ad. To sum it all up, first impressions count big time in Facebook advertising campaigns.

Important Page elements

The digital world revolves around visuals and content and your Facebook page should be no different. To make a good first impression to newcomers, your page must be visually pleasing, descriptive, engaging and educational.


Your cover image, thumbnail and tab images should be eye-catching but also visually descriptive of your brand, product and/or culture. These are the first page elements your new visitors will see, so you really need to spend some time planning out what you want them to see. It is common to swap out cover images and to a lesser extent tab images somewhat regularly, but always make sure whatever you are putting up is consistent with brand and message. You should not swap out your page thumbnail much. Thumbnails are your Facebook identification. Remember, most people will only see your page posts in their newsfeed, so it is important they recognize your brand quickly. Also, sponsored story ads pull your thumbnail, so you want some element of consistency in your branding.


Always be cognizant of the way your posts appear. NEVER use tweets as your Facebook posts. Not only do Tweet posts show up in less news feeds, but they also look terrible. You can certainly use the same tweeted content on Facebook, but leave your RTs, @s and #s for Twitter and spend a few extra minutes optimizing your posts for maximum reach and pleasing page visuals. Respond to the users engage with your page. You may not think of this as a visual aspect of your page, but it really is. We know this helps increase newsfeed reach, but high engagement and interactivity really looks awesome to people who are window-shopping your page. Everyone wants to feel like someone is listening to them. Make sure your about section is filled out and includes your contact information. This is important for any business and extremely important for any business whose logo and name aren’t overly recognizable or descriptive.


Facebook is a great way to extend the reach of your brand exponentially. With a little creativity and knowledge of the tools available to you, a small to medium-sized business can use Facebook advertising to compete with the big guys and win market share. As you set out to build your Facebook presence through advertising, it is critical that you conduct a thorough review of your page first and make sure you have addressed all of the areas highlighted in this post. Doing this first, should really make a positive impact on your click to like conversion rate and give you the biggest bang for your Facebook advertising buck. Sound like a bit more than you’d like to tackle? No problem. Contact us today and let our Digital Strategy team put our knowledge of Facebook advertising and community construction to work for you!   Image Credit: tlgragg
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