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Women Marketers You Need to Follow

Does your company find that increasing productivity and enhancing collaboration is important? How about inspiring organizational dedication and decreasing employee burnout? It’s been well documented that the best way for companies to do this is to have women in the workplace, but more importantly in leadership positions. It is said that emotional intelligence is linked to career success. While men have high skills in competitiveness, confidence, assertiveness, and decision making, according to a study conducted by a global consulting firm Hay Group, “women outperform men in 11 of 12 key emotional intelligence capabilities.” Therefore, it only seems right that in honor of Women’s History month we feature five women who are moguls in the marketing world.    Ann Handley  This Wall Street Journal best-selling author is a digital marketing guru that has helped hundreds of thousands of people escape marketing mediocrity. Her company, MarketingProfs has over 600,000 subscribers and educates, trains, and inspires other marketers to create content that their customers will love but also drive results! Not only is she a successful author of two best-selling books that teach skills on writing killer content, she is also a LinkedIn influencer and has over 420,000 followers on Twitter. Forbes cited Ann as a top thought leader and IBM referred to her as one of the 7 people shaping modern marketing. It’s safe to say Ann has left an inspiring footprint for the rest of us to follow in! Follow her on Facebook too while you’re at it!   Lilach Bullock  Lilach is considered a digital “matchmaker”. She holds impressive accolades from CareerExperts as one of the Top Digital Marketing Influencers and Social Influencer of Europe from Oracle. Her blogs reach over 600,000 visitors per month and she’s very proud to be one of Amazon’s best sellers. She has been the key to putting businesses in front of their target audience. She has the blueprint and proven formula to double traffic, generate more leads, and make more sales. That should come as no surprise, she is one of Forbes Top 20 Women Social Influencers. Check out her Twitter for great insight!   Pam Moore  Moore is dedicated to bringing businesses better marketing results. She is well versed in corporate training, consulting and planning, and even as a keynote speaker to ignite audiences. She is the founder of Marketing Nutz, an agency that has helped thousands of businesses ranging from small to Fortune 10 brands learn how to best share their digital story. Her 25 plus years of digital marketing and branding experience has brought her even more successes. Pam is also one of Forbes top 10 Social Media Influencer and a best- selling author. Want to learn more from her? Check out her podcast Zoom Factor or follow her on Facebook!   Mari Smith Mari is a social media thought leader also known as the “Queen of Facebook”. She travels the world to provide engaging social media keynote presentations to help entrepreneurs and corporations achieve social media mastery. Through her expertise and training services, she has had the opportunity to share stages with prestigious leaders worldwide. Mari’s confidence in herself and her abilities is something all of us can emulate! Follow her Twitter account to keep up with her!   Rebeka Radice This radio personality turned entrepreneur is known for her impressive ability to create a strategy that helps companies create customers out of their ever-growing followers. She has created a repertoire of actionable social media tips, tools, and techniques to drive revenue and give companies the competitive edge they’re looking for. Her blog has gained more than 100,000 subscribers and it’s how she gives companies and people the scalable outline to realizing real results. Rebeka is just one more woman who had a dream and made it happen. Check out her LinkedIn to keep up with her accomplishments.   All these women are forces to be reckoned with in the marketing world. They have created empires that have built up thousands of other entrepreneurs, women, and even large 500 fortune companies. Let’s commemorate these 5 women, along with the millions of others making an impact through their vital roles in America and the world! Of course, in a month Americans dedicate to celebrating the women in our lives — we can’t forget to shout out the spectacular women of wedü who drive productivity, enhance collaboration, and instill confidence to those in the workplace daily!   By Raquel Beltran
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